This is were my imagination become reality. Ever piece I sew has a little bit of me in it.

I love to sew and create. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

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 My cradle, a fabric bin in my grandmother's fabric shop, was where my passion for fabric was born. It surprised no one when I purchased my first, of many, sewing machines when I was only twelve.

        My Glasgow, KY home's outbuilding became my studio. I had room to experiment without restriction. Vintage wedding dresses transformed into fairy dresses that sold quickly at the KY Highland Renaissance Festival.

        Three years ago, I made the terrifying journey every cancer survivor must travel. Emerging from the chaos, I realized I had another calling. An insightful and talented art teacher brought forth untapped internal resources.

        Fiber, paint and other embellishments, including a subtle lilac scent, came together in my masterpiece Lilac Fairy Dress, which won First Place in the Fiber Art Category at the U.S. Bank Art Show.

      Mixing vintage, hand-dyed, and unusual fabrics with broken and discarded jewelry results in up-scale art that can be worn or displayed.

       Passion is not static. Each day brings new discoveries that surprise me. What more could any artist desire ?

Costume, Art, Jewlery, and more to come new and creative.